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Adidas Ultra Boost 3.0 design completely out of the original impression we have the traditional shadow of the adidas running shoes (do not know whether it is with the three jump from the Nike designer of the top). Shoe lines streamline lines drawn from the calf to the foot of a perfect arc, fully embodies a movement of beauty, and movement is not to make people more beautiful it? Boost material structure determines that it may be destined to have only a white color, which may make people feel a little boring. Adidas Ultra Boost 3.0 on those scattered particles, and instantly let a person think of a pad of foam in the soles of the feet. The color of the limitations of the overall appearance of the Adidas Ultra Boost 3.0 with some stretched, although the adidas Ultra released after the addition of a number of new color combinations, but compared to today's beautiful running shoes, Ultra Boost is indeed some too simple and elegant. From the crowd, Ultra Boost is undoubtedly the big crowd or the initial runners who is an excellent choice, excellent cushioning and comfort allows you to easily cross the threshold when the first run quickly find your excitement Of the dopamine; for advanced runners Ultra Boost is also a pair of excellent daily training shoes, a unique foot feeling allows you to experience the past have never had running experience, especially in the Boost in the end of the sustained elastic feedback So you feel some strange extra speed; but if you need a pair of breakthroughs in their best marathon running shoes, then compared to Ultra Boost another pair of full record adios Boost may be more suitable for you!